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Ben has practiced law in both Australia and London, before eventually relocating to Texas. Following his legal career, he has spent years working as a professional career advisor and coach with college students and professionals.

In his coaching and advising practice, Ben noticed a worrying trend. When exploring careers, too many people limited their career options to a very short list. Consequently, too many people ended up in careers that left them frustrated, laden with student debt and, in many cases, having to ultimately switch careers.

Many professionals in their mid-to-late career, also find themselves stuck and in need of a challenge, or a change. Others have found themselves facing the daunting task of a job search in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and don’t know where to start, or how to sell the incredible skills and experience they bring to the table.

In response to this trend, and with a desire to help as many people as possible, The Professionists Podcast was born.

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What does the podcast cover?

Each episode will explore a particular career path, professional development, and techniques to execute a job search or career switch.

How can I contact you?

If you have a question that you would like answered, or a particular profession you would like us to cover, please let us know via the ‘Contact Us’ page. You can also contact us directly at [email protected]

Where will the podcast be available?

Each episode will be available on Spotify, iTunes, and all good podcast platforms, as well as our YouTube channel.

Is this podcast any use to someone who is a more experienced professional in their mid or late career, who might be starting a job search (including an expected one) or career switch, or is looking to develop their career?

Absolutely! The lessons and content of the podcast are useful to professionals at any stage of their career. This is especially the case for those transitioning, e.g. from the military, or government service.

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