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The Professionists Podcast – Coming To You In May 2021!

The show uniquely explores occupations, professional development, and all things career related. Your host, Ben, practiced law in both Australia and London’s financial district, before eventually relocating to Texas. He now works as a professional career advisor and coach at the university level.

In addition to his legal career and years of working extensively with both college students and professionals, he saw a worrying trend. Too many people thought of ‘successful careers’ in the context of a very short, narrow list of options and in doing so, often ended up in the wrong one. The result was a mix of frustration and burnout in the lives of too many people.

All too often we commit ourselves to graduate degrees or occupations, prematurely, without having the tools to truly understand or appreciate the career that we are committing our lives to. We spend most of our lives at work, and yet before making such a massive investment in our future, we are frequently not given the tools to really assess, or understand the outcome of that investment. For many people, they are having to make a choice on how they want to spend the vast majority of their lives at before they’ve turned 25.

The Professionists is aimed squarely at solving this problem, giving you the information and resources to:

  • Understand how to decide on a career;
  • Appreciate the many options you have;
  • Develop in your existing profession;
  • Job search at any stage of your career;
  • Create a plan to switch careers; and
  • Learn from the career journeys of experienced professionals, at the top of their game

Find your fit, with The Professionists Podcast.


Our Goals and Vision

For too many parents, students, and professionals at all levels, the measure of a successful career is to pursue law, medicine, or an otherwise very short list of alternative careers. While a good fit for some, that short list of professions are not a good fit for everyone, including many who end up there! The Professionists is intended to help its listeners expand their career horizons, develop meaningful careers, and to tackle the complexities of a job search, or career switch.

Whether you are a recent college graduate or a seasoned professional… 

Whether you are deciding to either double down on your career or to take the plunge and switch directions…

Whether you are starting a job search unexpectedly, after a long time in the same job…

The Professionists podcast is for you – find your fit, with us!

What to Expect?

Episodes will cover a wide variety of careers, job searches, and career switching techniques. We will also explore the journeys of leading professionals, from different career paths. The Professionists is your one-stop-shop, regardless of whether you are a recent college grad, a young professional, or someone who is in their mid-to-late career looking at a job search, or career switch. 


Whatever stage you are at, find your fit with us! Each episode will be available on all good podcast streaming services, and via The Professionists YouTube page.

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Meet The Host

Ben has practiced law in both Australia and London, before eventually relocating to Texas. Following his legal career, he has spent years working as a professional career advisor and coach with college students and professionals.

In his coaching and advising practice, Ben noticed a worrying trend. When exploring careers, too many people limited their career options to a very short list. Consequently, too many people ended up in careers that left them frustrated, laden with student debt and, in many cases, having to ultimately switch careers.

Many professionals in their mid-to-late career, also find themselves stuck and in need of a challenge, or a change. Others have found themselves facing the daunting task of a job search in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and don’t know where to start, or how to sell the incredible skills and experience they bring to the table.

In response to this trend, and with a desire to help as many people as possible, The Professionists Podcast was born.

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The Professionists Podcast

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